String Pattern Matching Algorithms with Simd Technology

Zuiev Anton
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This work is dedicated to development of pattern matching algorithms using SIMD instructions. These instructions, provided by processor creators, can be used to perform parallel data operations of software level . Despite the fact that these instructions can be highly dependent on target machine configuration, they are still viable for server sided applications (search engines, online editors etc.) and might be used in applications distributed for different target machine architectures. The aim of this work is to understand, does development of architecture-dependent implementations provide significant enough performance boost to justify resources spent on them. Theoretical part of this work provides a description of pattern matching task, short description about state of art in this area (including Zk/RZk algorithms which are used as base for modifications). Practical part of this work contains a few modifications of mentioned algorithms, testing application and test results.
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12 Інформаційні технології , 122 Комп’ютерні науки
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Zuiev A. String Pattern Matching Algorithms with Simd Technology : qualification work … master's : 122 Artificial Intelligence / Anton Zuiev. - Kyiv, 2021. - 54 p.