Modeling and Research of Conflict Situations Model

Fedorova Kseniia Myhajlivna
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The object of the work is the process of developing a Richardson model based on real statistics. The purpose of this work is to create and apply an algorithm for constructing phase portraits and solution trajectories for dynamic systems with and without delay. Development methods: computer simulation, methods of finding the system special points, developing an algorithm based on theoretical information. Development Tools: a freely available Matlab R2018b development tool with an academic license. Large number of literature on dynamic systems was analyzed, algorithms for visualization of dynamic system solutions were constructed, theory and algorithm were applied to construct the model based on statistics, as well as its subsequent analysis.
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11 Математика та статистика , 113 Прикладна математика
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Fedorova K. M. Modeling and Research of Conflict Situations Model : Graduate qualification work for Master’s : 113 Applied Mathematics / Fedorova Kseniia Myhajlivna. - Kyiv, 2020. - 46 p.