Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

dc.contributor.advisorTereshchenko Vasily Mykolayovych
dc.contributor.authorKorobka Anastasiia Mykolayivna
dc.description.abstractWe have analyzed existing methods of sketch-based image retrieval and classification on ZSL. We have noticed restrictions for input data format as detailed keywords description or sketch-image pairs, which limit the possibility of using arbitrary dataset. In our proposed methodology we suggest a preprocessing method for image-to-sketch transfer to simplify conditions for training models. Also, we have trained existing solutions as MobileNet and ADGPM on sketch-based data and speed up retrieval process with FAISS indexing. For preprocessing phase we analyze and compare the performance of existing approaches from Computer Vision and Deep Learning: Canny Edge Detector, a style transfer net, Adaptive Threshold, and Salient Contours network. Next, we have implemented some experiments based on different effective nets from classical Computer Vision (MobileNet), classical Zero-Shot (ADGPM), and sketch-based Classification (Doodle2Search) tasks. Furthermore, we have proposed to use the FAISS library for indexing to improve image search based on output embeddings of nets in an effective in time and accurate way. We have compared our performance based on local and general benchmarks. Finally, we have implemented a Demo application on sketch-based image retrieval to demonstrate the effectiveness of our methodology and the possibility of using such a solution for searching some photos in the Gallery app on devices. Also, we have optimized our proposed approaches with the quantization process, so we can use the Demo in real time, without tangible delay locally without a huge amount of memory.uk_UA
dc.identifier.citationKorobka A. M. Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval : qualification work ... master’s : 122 Computer Science / Korobka Anastasiia Mykolayivna. - Kyiv, 2021. - 57 p.uk_UA
dc.subject12 Інформаційні технологіїuk_UA
dc.subject122 Комп’ютерні наукиuk_UA
dc.titleZero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrievaluk_UA
science.typeМагістерські роботиuk_UA
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